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Event Photography

With over six years of experience in the industry as one of the first organisations to get into commercial event photography, LMK has set the benchmark in the industry. Our highly trained professional photographers ensure to complete their job without a flaw and with maximum customer satisfaction.


Our all-star team of writers, directors, producers, and cinematographers handle projects of nearly every scale and every genre, from single-camera studio interviews to multi-camera multi-crew commercial shoots in multiple locations around the island.


LMK takes pride in introducing the aftermovie concept to Sri Lanka. Our unrivaled knowledge of the area and the ability to be empathetic to any situation has ensured LMK to produce emotive films with a minimum of fuss and disruption.

Virtual Tours

In an age when Sri Lankan virtual tour market was dominated by foreign brands, LMK, after several years of research and experiments, introduced highquality virtual tours at affordable price ranges.

360° Photography

With years of research and experiments, LMK ensures to deliver best quality imagery and seamless stitching in every single image we produce. We have been aiding many brands and individuals to improve their online marketing activities to strengthen their online presence.

360° Filming

360 films are picking up in the market at a rapid rate. We at LMK understand that and provide optimal solutions for any kind of 360° filming need. Be it a documentary, TV commercial, music video or a promotional clip. We can make it happen.

Aerial Photography

Anything looks better from above. When we say anything we mean everything. Be it a hotel, resort, factory, school or even a business place; it would look much better from a bird’s eye view. Try our aerial photography in your next project to experience it for yourself.

Aerial Filming

In the last decade, demand for aerial filming grew massively. With the experience of over six (6) years of aerial filming services, we managed to help our clients with our custom & handmade drones, even before drones were commercially available in the market. We guarantee the optimal solution for any kinds of a project.

Aerial 360° Photography

Imagine having VR capabilities from a bird’s eye view. Yes, we can make it happen. Our experience in aerial photography twisted with the knowledge in 360° photography and VR has made it possible to capture 360° images from the sky. 

Real Estate Photography

The key selling point for your hotel, resort, restaurant or property is the appealing look on your website, online listing, social media, classifieds or even paper. With extensive knowledge and experience in the real estate photography industry, from taking the right picture from the right angle to making sure the processed photos meet the highest standards, we will make sure that your property delivers its real elegance through photographs.

Corporate Photoshoots

The era of using boring stock images for your websites and publications is finally over. Stop jumping through hoops to use copyrighted photos. Let us do your corporate photo-shoot and get you authentic, creative, betterlooking photos that, most importantly, you own.

Food & Product Photography

In a world where online markets are picking up the game, photographs of your products can be the key contributor to your product’s success. Be it a cupcake or fullsize SUV, our photographs will surely attract a number of potential buyers. 

Social Media Marketing

We all have to accept the fact that traditional media is dying. If you do not make an appearance on social media your business won’t thrive in this age. Stop wasting money on bandage solutions. Get your business appear at the right place and the right time on social media with LMK.

Online Business Consultancy

Doing your business online might seem pretty straightforward and simple to many, which is pretty much wrong. If you don’t do it right, you may end up wasting a fortune. LMK with a half decade of experience can guide you and show you where you should keep your next step at.

Content Writing

If people don’t read the newspaper, they would not read your 300word paragraph on your website as well. Let our content writers do what they are best at doing. We can make your bold selling point bolder!

Search Engine Optimization

Your ranking on search engines matters a lot. If your business is not in the top 5 results on Google, chances to get clients to your website through search results can be quite low. With your help, we will take your business to the top of search engines.

Web Designing

Design your website up to modern standards where even a user with a just a mobile phone can get the full experience and features of your website. From simple one-page websites to full-fledged online stores, we ensure a richer and cleaner experience for your users. 

Mobile Applications

Having a mobile app along with your website amounts to 25% more sales and attracts customers on average according to our inhouse research. Our mobile applications have proven to run smoothly and flawlessly across all major mobile operating systems such as iOS and Android.

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