Behind the Scenes of Kithul Kanda Project

Behind the Scenes of Kithul Kanda Project
August 24, 2016 papi
Kithul Kanda Mountain Hotel is located in Meepe which is less than one hour drive from Colombo. This hotel is absolutely blended with nature and situated on top of a hill gives it an extra worth. However, not many tourists are aware of this oasis and that is why we decided to work with them on a profile video, virtual tour and photographs.
We spent whole three days, working from early morning till late night, from taking photographs to shooting the virtual tour and editing. It was great fun to shoot the video thanks to our part-time comedians in our crew.  One of the perks we get at LMK are the opportunities to travel and this time we sure did travel to see some of the hidden waterfalls in Nachchimale that is closer to Kithul Kanda. But our biggest achievement of this project came in when the management of Kithul Kanda was literally blown away by our final production of not only the video but the virtual tour as well. 
It is unfortunate Dilina does not appear anywhere of this video due to his terrible stomachache since the very first night. However, he managed to come out of the room a few times for the entire project 😛


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